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Matt grew up in Missouri fishing for bass and any fish that would bite his worm! His love of the mountains brought him to Colorado where he began guiding whitwater rafting and fly fishing trips. Running the rivers of the west is the reason Salida CO  is his home.

 Once Matt started guiding there was no turning back.

 He is always striving to provide anglers with a great day on the water and leave with a small piece of his passion for the river. If Matt is not out on the water he is definitely hanging with his three dogs Josie, Toots and Dilbert.

Owner/ Guide

Matt Weber


Josh was born in North Carolina and raised in Arkansas. He caught his first trout at the age of four under the  guidance of his dad, an avid fly fisherman. As a young man Josh continued to follow his passion for fly fishing and rivers by a earning a degree in environmental soil and water science from the University of Arkansas, working in the field of river ecology for the state of Arkansas and the National Park Service, and guiding whitewater rafting and fly fishing in TN, NC, WA, and CO.

As a guide Josh is known for always going the extra mile to make sure each trip exceeds guests' expectations, and passing on the knowledge he's dedicated his life to learning to help anglers of all abilities to see the river differently, catch more fish, and have a good time doing it!

When Josh isn't on the river you can find him working as a builder or looking for adventure wherever he can find it.


Josh Richard

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